Pension Review

Pension Review 

Regular health reviews on your pension plans.

When was the last time that you checked how your pension is performing? If you don’t carry out regular reviews on the performance of your pension you could be losing out and even find that your pension will not provide you with the comfortable retirement you are looking forward to.

If you are currently contributing to a personal pension scheme or have previously contributed to either a personal pension or even a money purchase scheme offered by an old employer, pension reviews can be very worthwhile. One factor to look at when reviewing pensions are the charges involved. Charges on some “older style” plans are much higher than their modern equivalent, so having a pension review will reveal what effect these charges are having to your pension value.

Many people pay into pensions for years but have no idea how hard their money is working for them. Some clients are not even sure what sort of products they have and the element of risk associated with the plan. We can provide an impartial assessment of your pension products and advise you in plain jargon free terms, exactly where you stand and how your plans are performing.

If we find your plan is meeting your current requirements and performing well it may well  be a case of staying as you are. However, if we feel you may benefit by transfering your pension to another provider we will recommend a more suitable product. We will also explain clearly the benefits and options to help you make an informed decision if it’s in your best interests to make the change.

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