Financial Healthcheck

Regular healthchecks to keep on top of your Investments

Some clients turn to us when they receive letters or notifications regarding a particular Investment they hold. It acts as a reminder to check on the Investment and see how it is performing. However, we prefer a more proactive approach by scheduling  regular Investment Reviews to allow you to keep track of all your Investments and more importantly, see how well they are performing and at the same time, identify any which are underperforming.

An Investment Review not only looks at the Investments but also takes into account any change in your own circumstances which may in turn have changed your Investment objectives. This alone could mean restructuring your Investments to align them with your new medium to long term outlooks and objectives.

If you are not currently one of our clients, now may be a good time to carry out a complete Investment Review so we can provide you with the assurance your finances are under control and will be regularly reviewed in the future.

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